Hunger Incarnate Deviljho


This guy's scary. Be very intimidated since he is just very rude and hurtful a monster. Good memories in 3U being hunting a lesser monster, not knowing that a Deviljho was stalking the field, waiting patiently to ruin the hunt and mess shit UP

He likes to bite you, so I recommend cutting his mouth off (you can't do that), His breakable parts are the face and the tail. The face can be broken twice, which doesn't do much else from breaking his face. The tail can be cut off which when cut off reminisces a pickle. If he is low on stamina and the tail is nearby, he will go to eat his tail (he does not regenerate said tail)

Now the reason he's hunger incarnate, is that he likes to eat a lot, apparantly, in the guild notes, he eats to live like everyone else, but if he even stops eating for a little while, he will most likely starve and die. Deviljho's are so hungry that they will hunt and eat other monsters to extinction.

Deviljho's attack patterns are bites, tail whips, and stomps. A famous trait that the Deviljho does and has is a pin attack where he will start chomping on the Hunter. Moreless another trait of Deviljho's is a dragon breath attack. He is so full of the Dragon Element that he has to expel it all out in a breath-esque attack that covers a huge area.