Queen of Dread Rathian


A Rathian Deviant, spooky i'm so scared. She's pretty much just Pink Rathian but she's just Pink Rathian. Standard Rathian attacks, but with her own brand of Queen Poison, stimulate your senses. Antidotes are nice, not necessary, but nice. Just calling her Pink Rathian isn't helping. I'm sure, so she has hipchecks, poison wwwhips, poison hurricanes (she litteraly spins around poisony like) and fireballs. Dreadqueen Rathian is like the rest of the Rathian family, being very annoying but very weak. A regular Rathian falls very easily due to her low health, all of her subspecies and deviant are the same, so focus her last, but don't underestimate the damage she does with the tail wwwhip.