Caught Between a Mountain and a Bigger Mountain


Ballerina Ball Ram-like thing, Man this thing is a good and bad time. Duramboros has a ball tail, tail ball. The ball is key in his hunt, he smashes and spins around like an attack helicopter. He also has horns that he uses to ram you, like a ram. He's got these weird tree stump lookin' lumps on his back that are breakable which resemble gross broken eggs. As respectable as Duramboros is, breaking his parts makes him a lot more horrifying. His tail can be broken off, not like a normal whole broken thing, the shell ontop of the tail is broken off and can be carved leaving this gross ball-looking bone that he still uses to smash you into oblivion.

Duramboros is huge, but he's a rather easy hunt. Wail into his sides and he's sure to fall, there's no real need to break any of his parts since most of his rare parts aren't easy to acquire.

Ballerina Ball is named so since one of his attacks is a physic breaking spin that launches his fatass body off the ground smashing with the force of his fatass body and then some.