Snowbunny Lethal Lagombi


Lagombi is a good monster for beginners. He's technically the first monster I've ever fought since the 3U game demo has only the Lagombi and Plesioth hunt demos if I remember correctly. Lagombi was actually pretty tough since the original hunter armor and weapons aren't that impressive/good, Lagombi is a quick bugger whomst've'd slides around the snowy floor. His main attack are charges and body smashes. He slides around and at you to hurt you a bit, the body smashes are butt and only butt related. Butt Smash. He swipes his claws and throws snowballs. The big snowball that rolls at you has you liable to get effected by snowman status whereas you are stuck being a walking snowman. The bigger worry is Lagombi's new Deviant Monster, Snowlord Lagombi.