Member of the Fated Four, Mizutsune.


Easily the most design-stunning visual monster, fancy text/words for how amazing this thing looks. It's got the face of a Fox and is entirely badass monster else. Of the Leviathan variety, Mizutsune has one of the better designs and special fighting style. Bubbles. Mizutsune uses it's own special brand Mizutsune soap to coat the battlefield in slippery bubbles. If enough bubbles hit the hunter, the hunter will become unbalanced and will start flailing his arms around to regain his balance and remove the bubbles. Basically it incapacitates you and you're liable to get more whoopass administered. Mizutsune is definately not a pushover either, he smashes into you with 9nth velocity powered hipchecks, super soaker aqua beams, and bubble breath. If anything, Mizutsune's slipperiness is its downfall. Mizutsune is too fast and dangerous to actually hit anything correctly, same for any of his attacks, he just spews it out at random. Mizutsune is also getting a Deviant in the next monster hunter, so that's pretty cool too.