Maraca Najarala


Ayayayayayaya *shake shake* aaand explosion!

Najarala is a Snake-wyvern/Leviathan (Shake-Wyvern) who uses the power of his neck maracas to explode his neck shells that explode around hunters. He's also got a vocal cord stronger or as strong as Tigrex, he breaths/charges up a giant projectile roar that pierces through a complete area, it also explodes any nearby neck shells. The end of his tail is also a maraca, which he uses to shake, smash, and swing around to hurt the hunter. Najarala's most dangerous attack is an isolation move, where he circles around one or many hunters and slowly turns inward to smash around in the inward area. Like he buries in the ground then pushes upward like a volcano. Najarala also has a weaker attack, where he awkwardly pokes his head out of the ground chinese dragon style. Najarala also has a charge charge attack, where he winds up then releases like a whip that smashes around the field.