Demon Frog


Tetsucabra's a monster born of the MH4U generation. Stylized after the evil frogs that are absolutely present in japanese culture, Tetsucabra is very aggressive in his movements. Tetsucabra is most known for his giant jaws. The jaws in question can take boulders out of the ground, smash the hunter with said boulders, and can smash the boulder in his mouth to hurt nearby hunters with boulder shrapnel. Tetsucabra can also charge with his giant jaws, he smacks with his little frog hand too, he's also prone to hipchecks and the occasional stamina drain ball. Tetsucabra's jaws can be broken twice, which also reduces the size of the boulder he pulls out of the ground, all the way until both teeth are broken, unsurprisingly, his back, legs, can be broken, but his tail takes no broken effects and stays the same way, speaking of his tail, it expands and despands at will, doesn't mean anything other than if he's going to attack or not or something. It's weird.