The wonderful thing about Tigrex, is that he's the only one!


Tigrex is a flying wyvern. He's got stubbles for wings, he smashes and mashes his way across the hunting plains. His mouth is his most dangerous weapon, prone to loud screams and very very big bites. His very body is a weapon of brute destruction and strength, every step he takes breaks the ground. He charges forward to smash you into the wall, he slams you into the wall with sheer force alone, and his tail whips around like a bludgeon. Tigrex's face, wings, and tail can be cut off and broken, his back area is also prone to be scratched via spamming the mount action. There isn't much else to say about Tigrex, other than his charges last up to 3 times. His enraged mode is procked easily, so he's always angry, his tired/exhausted mode has him liable to slip over while charging, and he will search out food most of the time.